Element attacked the country, the two cities went under water: emergency evacuation

Стихия атаковала страну, два города ушли под воду: срочная эвакуация

One day is dropped the amount of precipitation that the city literally went under water

Rescuers even had to urgently evacuate visitors to the shopping centre.

The elements attacked two Bulgarian cities of Plovdiv and Stara Zagora. For some 30 minutes a torrential rain flooded streets, cellars, houses. In Provide rescuers received over hundreds of calls that people need help due to the floods, writes Today.

Big water paralyzed traffic and visitors to the Mall were blocked in the building.

In Stara Zagora went the powerful storm that uprooted trees and severely damaged power lines. Here also the traffic is fully blocked because of the disaster.

Information on casualties there.

Forecasters give the unfavourable forecast – showers and a storm might come back.

As previously reported, the number of victims of floods that had started in many provinces of Iran after a powerful torrential rains in the end of last month, increased sharply

The number of victims is 70 people. On Sunday he told broadcaster CNN, citing a statement by the head of the forensic medical Bureau of the country of Ahmad Socii.

In his words, “killed in the floods was recorded in 13 Iranian provinces.” The greatest number of victims, said Shojayi, falls in the province of Fars, it killed more than 20 Iranians.

He added that across the country, while floods have affected almost 500 people. The head of the forensic Bureau of Iran indicated that only in the provinces of Golestan and Mazandaran more than 56 thousand inhabitants caused serious damage.

Heavy rains hit Iran in the last week of March. According to the statement of the Iranian officials, the floods have affected over 400 villages in 15 provinces in the North of the country.

Because of revelry of elements more than 2.3 thousand roads were blocked, no less than 84 bridges destroyed, 141 river out of its banks. In addition, since the beginning of the rains, there were more than 400 landslides.

Стихия атаковала страну, два города ушли под воду: срочная эвакуация

Стихия атаковала страну, два города ушли под воду: срочная эвакуация