Elena buinevich: “I don’t understand how you can take the moral mockery of the children and pass”

Елена Буйневич: «Я не понимаю, как можно снимать моральное издевательство над детьми и пройти мимо»

The other day in the Odessa school № 84 was an unpleasant incident: the teacher of the 2D class was taking a lesson on a very raised voice. The teacher is not the first time gave lessons in a similar way – a “learning style” an eyewitness heard throughout the month, and eventually published in network video, which heard the cries of the teacher. Part of the public condemned the teacher, arguing that it is morally kills children. Others stood up for the teacher, as, in their opinion, the students themselves bring to this state.

With the situation understands the city’s Department of education and science. An opinion was expressed by head of the Department Elena buynevich.

– Unfortunately, this situation is not an isolated case, and is not only specific to the Odessa school. The percentage of teachers who suffer from professional burnout, and we have just such an example, is very high. The average age of teachers is over 45 years old. And the average length does not improve the health of people who teach at the school.

We must recognize that the classes of the schools of large cities, including Odessa, greatly overloaded. So for his behavior, which in no way can not be justified because children should not suffer from our adult problems, she should be held accountable. The Creek is also the violence – if not physical, then psychological.

The teacher wrote a letter of resignation. But I know the parents of this class addressed to the Director with a request not to fire her. At the moment the Director decides this issue, and we, as the Department of education supported the idea to communicate with parents. But, if this case is talking about psychological pressure, the degree of punishment will solve the law enforcement agencies. Because, in our opinion, in this case, it was psychological abuse. It is resignation on a specific article – we do not support this style of communication with students. Teachers should know that such comes certain responsibilities.

We appealed to the office of juvenile prevention, after which students will work psychologists, but only with parental permission. Today we are creating an educational Hub to our teachers had a place they could pass a course of psychological rehabilitation. Yes, every school has a practicing psychologist, but the standards of his work – rate is one per thousand children. And it is clear that to teachers they have just not reached. This was the situation when many children and teachers are exhausted, is not unique.

Now in all educational institutions of Odessa we need to conduct training for psychological relief our teachers. Our main goal is to teach teachers to recover after hard working days.

In my opinion, there is wine and a Deputy Director who is responsible for the elementary school, because we understand that it was not the first such situation. As for the placement in social networks – of course it’s good when we learn about the situation and still from what sources. But I want to appeal to parents who visit the school and see such things – personally I don’t understand how you can take the moral of child abuse and pass. It seems to me that any adult had to go and stop it. This is my request – if you see that the rights of the child, every adult on their side, as an official, parent, or Odessa, must do whatever is necessary to stop it.