Elena Kravets told about the relationship with the family of Vladimir Zelensky: video

Actress of the Studio “Kvartal 95”, coach Comedy show “the League of laughter” Elena Kravetz openly talked about the relationship with the family of President Vladimir Zelensky. The woman notes that even though they rarely talk, but is proud to call Vladimir and his wife were his friends.

Elena Kravets and Vladimir Zelensky together for a long time worked in the team of the Studio “Kvartal 95”. They played on the same stage and managed to suit the tastes of millions of viewers. After Vladimir was prezidentom Ukraine and left Quarter, time to socialize, but we have warm relations with former colleagues still remained.

In an interview for the program “Life of famous people” on TV channel “1+1” Elena Kravetz said that even when the leader of the creative Studio Vladimir Zelensky became President, his relationship with his family has not changed.

I can’t realize the full scope of the work, tasks, problems, challenges that he encountered daily. So try not to distract him,
– shared Elena.

The woman is delighted with the behavior of her friend and godmother, the first lady of Ukraine Elena Zelensky.

She is incredibly strong and worthy of the title. It does not contradict itself, is genuine. I told her that could not be so,
– admitted the actress.

Elena told me that she performs on stage of the Ukraine, and Zelensky in the world, where a completely different scale. Kravets have no ambitions to become first lady. She’s happy to be beside her husband and take care of the family.

Elena Kravets in the “Life of famous people”: watch video