Elena Temnikova on the recommendation of the doctors brought in cheeks belly fat

Елена Темникова по рекомендации врачей ввела в щеки жир с живота

Singer Elena Temnikova reported that underwent the therapy with the use of stem cells in order to get rid of the consequences of skin rashes, from which she had suffered for a long time. She told about it in YouTube show blogger Anastasia Ivlieva.

“I was in Switzerland suggested I take some fat from belly, to run him through some kind of centrifuge to get out my stem cells and stinging cheeks. I got it done. Scars may be left bare, but her cheeks filled with fat like I am 18 years old. The doctor said, “But five years is not going to grow old,” said the artist.

Temnikova noted that this was the only serious procedure, which she went for the sake of beauty. She loves herself as she is.

According to scientists, such procedures are unsafe. In the United States this revolutionary new way to return youth illegal.