Elena Zelensky admitted, says there are still jokes for “95 Kvartal”

After the inauguration, which took place on 20 may 2019, Vladimir Zelensky refused to participate in the “Kvartal 95”. But his wife Elena continues to work with a team of comedians.

This she admitted in a candid interview with Vogue. Elena Zelensky said that still writes funny scripts for performances of “95 Quarter”. However, the first lady admits that she is now harder to find free time for creativity.

I write scripts as before. However, now you have to split your day between the office of the President and “Quarter” and observe the timing
she said.

It interviews journalists took the first lady office “Studio Quarter 95”. That day in Mariupol launched an investment forum, so in the chart Elena Zelensky have some free time. According to the wife of the President, it is in such moments she is working on scenarios as the previous 15 years. It is interesting that, according to the actress “Quarter 95” Elena Kravets, Vladimir Zelensky and still checks the scripts that comedians show the audience.

It is important! The status of the first lady in Ukraine is more representational. Elena Zelenskaya has not received funds for their work, so it can safely combine the two works, not breaking any domestic laws. In contrast, the wives of the presidents of the United States and France receive payment for the work, therefore, needs to devote all his time to realize his own initiatives.

Елена Зеленская призналась, пишет ли до сих пор шутки для "95 Квартала"

Елена Зеленская призналась, пишет ли до сих пор шутки для "95 Квартала"

Elena Zelensky stylish photoshoot / Vogue

In an interview with Elena Zelensky said that he studied the work of their colleagues abroad. According to the famous Ukrainian women, every first lady is a successful professional who can boast of success in the development of their social initiatives.

“Among the wives of the President are no uninteresting personalities: each has something to learn. For example, Bridget macron – teacher. Her program is centered around educational themes: the first lady of France creates the school for adults, who for various reasons were forced to drop out. During our meeting with her, said that she teaches French language and literature. Sara Netanyahu, wife of Prime Minister of Israel, a child psychologist. Elke Buedenbender, the first lady of Germany – a successful lawyer,” she added.

At the same time, Elena Zelensky admits that he also wants to implement their initiatives, in particular, to improve school meals. The first lady has a lot of interesting ideas, but she decided to implement one by one.

“I grew up in Kryvyi Rih, live in this country all my life and have a good idea how much we have problems. But if I do everything will not turn out anything, so our team decided to focus on a specific task: the health of children, equal opportunities for all Ukrainians and cultural diplomacy” – shared Elena Zelensky.

Елена Зеленская призналась, пишет ли до сих пор шутки для "95 Квартала"

Елена Зеленская призналась, пишет ли до сих пор шутки для "95 Квартала"

Presidential couple Ukraine / Vogue