Elisabeth moss pursues ethereal ex-boyfriend

Элизабет Мосс преследует бесплотный экс-бойфренд

In the network appeared the first official trailer of the sci-Fi Thriller “the invisible Man” Universal studios, a modern adaptation of the classic novel by Hg wells. Put the picture Whether Wannell (“Upgrade”).

In the story a young woman, Cecilia is suffering from an abusive ex-boyfriend Adrian who is handsy. Then he unexpectedly commits suicide. The life of Cecilia begins to improve, but only until, until she realizes that the boyfriend of a tyrant is not actually dead, she thought. And mysteriously stalking her.

The main roles in the film played by Elisabeth moss, Oliver Jackson-Cohen, Oldis Hodge, Harriet Dyer, storm Reid, Benedict hardy, Sam Smith, Amali Golden, Anthony Brandon Wong, Zara Michaels, Bianca Pomponio and Deborah Antonio.

On the Russian screens “invisible Man” kicks off on March 26, 2020.

Элизабет Мосс преследует бесплотный экс-бойфренд