Elizabeth II addressed the British with it in connection with the spread of the coronavirus

Елизавета II обратилась к британцам с речью в связи с распространением коронавируса

Queen Elizabeth II Elizveta recorded videobrashchenie to the citizens, which summarized the results of the fight against coronavirus infection in the country and told about achievements. The corresponding video was published on YouTube.

She noted that the pandemic has affected the daily life of the British people and the economy in the worst way possible. The Queen added that the UK together with other countries actively trying to resist the spread of infection, to ensure safety of people and to provide assistance to those already infected.

“The coronavirus is the destruction, which brought only grief, financial difficulties and changes ordinary people’s lives. Today, many feel a sense of separation from loved ones, but we all know that it is right. I want to thank all those who selflessly fights the virus out of home, providing all the support to us,” said Elizabeth II.

It was noted that this is the fifth appeal of the Queen to the British people over the last 68 years and the last were recorded back in 2012.

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  • Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II addressed to the citizens a speech in connection with outbreaks of coronavirus.
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