Elizabeth II gave his granddaughter in marriage

Елизавета II выдала внучку замуж

In the UK, played the Royal wedding – got married 28-year-old Princess Eugenie, granddaughter of Queen Elizabeth II. Her choice was a 32-year-old Jack Brooksbank, a businessman engaged in the wholesale wine trade. This pair has been dubbed one of the most romantic. The event took place at St George’s chapel at Windsor castle, where earlier this year married Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

To congratulate the newlyweds came representatives of the Royal family – starting with close relatives of the bride cousins of William and Harry and their spouses and ending with the Queen.

In addition, the event attracted many celebrity guests, among whom was Robbie Williams with his wife, American actress demi Moore, British actor Stephen fry, Naomi Campbell, Liv Tyler and others. Just reported on the holiday event was attended by 850 people.

In the morning near Windsor castle began to gather many fans of the Royal family. It was important for them to get the best seats, order good look at the newlyweds and wedding guests.

“I am a king superfast, so when Her Majesty is organizing a Grand event for her granddaughter, I can’t stay home,” says this man.