Ella Libanova: “Elite first raskrali property and then imposed her best economic model”

Элла Либанова: "Элита сначала раскрала собственность, а потом навязала выгодную ей модель экономики"

Ella Libanova – academician, Professor, doctor of Sciences, scientist in the field of demography, socioeconomics and Economics of labour – 12 years, head of the Institute of demography and social studies of NAS of Ukraine.

“Inequality is the main reason for our standing, is convinced she. – Inequality is not reasonable, excessive, which is not based on labor. I understand how bill gates made his money. However, about the way in which earned their fortunes the number of billionaires, even talking uncomfortable. And here next to them are people who are poor. And not because they are doing badly, but because the people in power do not want to pay they earned.”

“I remember the statement of one employer of 20 years ago, said Libanova. In front of a huge audience, he spoke about how he wants his employees went on “Mercedes” as want to pay them high salaries, but do not have this capability. At this time, sitting in the Presidium, I watched the movements of his hand in hours for a price of five salaries of top managers, the feet – not less eloquent shoes. Such a number of expensive cars in Kiev, I have not seen anywhere else in the world. Neither in the States nor in Europe did not boast of their income. That is not only narratively, so they also expose that. Of course, people are not satisfied”.

But the academician is absolutely convinced that we must not fight for something, to take, and to not give to steal on. “It’s a different thing – said the academician. Because if we have them today, will pick them up and split it all, tomorrow there will be others who also will begin to steal. And we’ll go in the second round of the spiral”.

“Yes, it’s the choice of our economic elite. The one that first raskrali Soviet property and then imposed on the country favorable to her model of the economy, continues PhD. – I very rudely said just now. But the privatization that took place in Russia and we, when for a pittance in vouchers in the pockets of dispersed thousands of businesses large and small, was a very big mistake. Not all think so. Some argue that this helped to create ownership. I don’t think so. In my opinion, it was necessary to go through East Germany. Where sold, conventionally, two marks, but under certain obligations, which include the modernization of equipment, range and other things. That is sold not the property but rather the ability for that property to earn”.

“Unfortunately, history does not know subjunctive mood, – says she. – So we don’t know what would happen if we chose a different path. Probably the same thing. But still we would have had a different economic situation. If people their first money earned, and not stolen, then it would become more likely that he would have earned, not stole.”

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