Ella Libanova: “it is Necessary to limit the salary of top management of state-owned enterprises”

Элла Либанова: "Необходимо ограничить зарплату топ-менеджмента госпредприятий"

Ella Libanova – academician, Professor, doctor of Sciences, scientist in the field of demography, socioeconomics and Economics of labour – 12 years, head of the Institute of demography and social studies of NAS of Ukraine.

According to Libanova to go to an economic model with expensive labor force, it is necessary to do a few things.

“First, we must abandon the commodity orientation of the economy – believes the academician. For this, the government should give preferences to those who sell the product, not raw materials. Because today, we profitable to sell the raw materials.

Secondly, to raise the minimum wage. And not gradually, but sharply. But this lever of power is used. And he gave its effect.

Third, ironically, will play a role migration. It is obvious that a young, active, talented, competitive professionals simply leave the Ukraine. Employers also realized that the labor shortage is a major obstacle to their development. The increase in wages is inevitable. Of course, it is desirable that legal. What I’m afraid will not happen. The envelope will live. But at least people will get more money. And each hryvnia, the employee will be spent in most cases in Ukraine. Because rich people spend not only in Ukraine. And each hryvnia spent in the country, works on its economic growth. In 2017 9.3 billion transferred to Ukraine from workers. Foreign investment at slightly more than $ 2 billion.

Fourth, it is vitally important to increase wages in the public sector. And significantly. Today offer on salaries of doctor and nurses in Ukraine in 10 times (!) less than in the same Poland. Well, tell me, please, who will remain here? What are we doing?

And do not tell me that there is no money! If you have the opportunity to pay the top management of state-owned enterprises as much as we pay, so the money can be found. At least limiting the salary of the top management. Both direct payments and indirect. We know perfectly well that there is a possibility to pay directly and bonus, bonuses or allowances” – said the doctor of economic Sciences.

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