Ellen DeGeneres is under threat of closure

Шоу Эллен Дедженерес под угрозой закрытия

Ellen DeGeneres does not resolve the conflict with his team. In April it became known that the leading quarantined launched the show in an online format. However, she hired a new team and said nothing to his old colleagues. They, in turn, said that Ellen does not pay them the fees, and some employees complained of harassment, racism and bullying on the part of the producers of the show.

Recently DeGeneres for the first time commented on the situation. She has published in The Hollywood Reporter treatment to its employees, where they apologized and promised to improve. However, nothing has ended.

Her former colleagues were not happy with the fact that Ellen pretended like he knew nothing about what was happening on her show and allegedly did not take any part in this. Unhappy with the behavior DeGeneres was a lot.

“I’m sorry, but this problem comes from the very top. Know more than one person who suffered from the actions of Ellen. And it is a well known information”, – wrote American comedian brad Garrett, who was a guest on “the Ellen Show” more than 5 times.

The words of brad confirmed and actress Lea Thompson. On the background of the discussions in the network appeared rumors that the DeGeneres face dismissal, but denied the show’s producer Andy Lassner. Meanwhile, the newspaper The Sun has reported that already in the Ellen show will replace James Corden, host of Late Late Show. At the same time on the web ply rumors that DeGeneres she wishes to leave the chair leading and can take advantage. And other anonymous sources claim that Ellen’s not going anywhere since 9 September, she allegedly has for the first time since the start of the pandemic to visit the set of the program.

But in any case, workers ‘ complaints show didn’t go unnoticed, and the guilty will be punished. According to the Hollywood Reporter, one of the first after this internal investigation, will leave his post producer ed Glavin. The staff of the Ellen named him one of the major tyrants of the program.

Шоу Эллен Дедженерес под угрозой закрытия

Шоу Эллен Дедженерес под угрозой закрытия