Elon Musk called the date of presentation of the SpaceX spaceship Starship

Илон Маск назвал дату презентации звездолета SpaceX Starship

Soon after the successful launch of the first batch of Internet satellites Starlink founder of the company SpaceX Elon Mask is reminded about a mission to Mars. Engineer and entrepreneur spoke about the upcoming testing of the engine of a spaceship called the Starship and the date of the presentation of a starship.

Date of presentation of the spaceship Starship. Answering a question from one of the users of Twitter, Elon Musk stated that the presentation will take place in late July after testing another project called Starhopper – Lite test version Starship.

Note Starhopper has the same diameter, but different from the “big brother” of smaller length. Assume that the Raptor engine will help the vehicle to take off and land, carrying small “jumps”, the height of which with time will increase to several kilometers.

The launch of the Starship and its use. The first manned flight of the Starship is scheduled for 2024. Previously Elon Musk made use of not only spaceship to travel to Mars, but as a “rocket taxi” for quick travel between continents.

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