Elon Musk changed the name of the child. Now it is not contrary to the laws of the state of California

Илон Маск изменил имя ребенка. Теперь оно не противоречит законам штата Калифорния

A well-known businessman and his girlfriend Grimes announced the name of their boy in early may that caused a lot of jokes about it. Child called “X Æ A-12”. When Musk wrote the name on Twitter, all you have any questions, one of which concerned the legality – can you call a man in California. It turned out that it is impossible, said Pommerania.

Over time, people realized that the boy’s name is not a joke, and the parents treat it seriously. Recently one of the fans of Grimes asked the singer in Instagram, it has changed the name of the child, as required by the laws of California: “What is new name child,” asked a fan.

“X Æ A-Xii”, she replied.

The new name is more or less consistent with the laws of the state of California, according to which official names can contain up to 26 letters of the English alphabet, hyphens and apostrophes. Writing the number twelve in Roman numerals have removed almost all of the claims of the authorities to name the boy, despite the fact that now his name is even harder.