Elon Musk has announced the creation of car-submarines

Илон Маск заявил о создании автомобиля-субмарины

Tesla has developed a draft car-submarines like the movie about James bond. The company intends to produce a showpiece.

Elon Musk said at a meeting with shareholders on creation of a car-submarine. This publication reports Esquire.

The question about the possibility of creating such a car, he asked one of the participants. The head of Tesla called it “hilarious” and added that the company’s engineers have really developed the design of the machine-a submarine, as in the tenth film in the James bond movie the Spy who loved me.

Musk added that buyers of this car will not be enough, “however, it will be enthusiasts”. He admitted that will make one a showpiece.

In 2013, Elon Musk has acquired at auction the Lotus Esprit, who painted the submarine in the film about the agent 007. He paid for the lot 616 thousand pounds, or 997 thousand dollars at the exchange rate of that time, but later disappointed in the purchase because the machine is not really turned into a submarine.

Previously Elon Musk announced the device for communication of the brain with a computer. While any plans for creating an interface between brain and computer is in secret.