“Embarrassing”: Brezhnev was again revealed in the photo

"Стыдоба": Брежнева вновь обнажилась на фото

Famous singer, actress and former member of the group “VIA Gra” Vera Brezhnev, posted on his page in Instagram hot photos in bikini, made during the holidays.

It is possible to see how the actress posing in a revealing swimsuit, climbing on a column of a low fence.

Signature Vera pointed hashtag has sternenmantel tsilas on the new hit Philip Kirkorov “Shyness is gone,” to which the singer responded very positively.

The fans have come to love this photo and praised in the comments:

But not without being judgmental and negative comments against the actress. Many wrote saying “what a shame”, “what is spread in social network?” “you are a disgrace to our country!”, etc. that Faith was not taken aback and gave back “a blow” to Hayter in the comments.

"Стыдоба": Брежнева вновь обнажилась на фото