Emergency off the coast of Africa, down went the Ukrainian ship, has died

ЧП у берегов Африки: ко дну пошло украинское судно, есть погибшие

According to the updated information about the Ukrainian trawler “Ivan golubets” – the ship sank last night in the ocean, reports UNN, citing the Facebook page of the former representative of the President of Ukraine in the Autonomous Republic of Crimea Boris Babin.

“According to updated information on the tragic fate of a Ukrainian fishing vessel “Ivan golubets” – the ship sank last night in the ocean, at a depth of 35 meters, and there are already two confirmed dead fisherman. The captain of the ship – the inhabitant of the Crimea Sergey Timchenko, was the flight with the Ukrainian documents”, – stated in the message.

Babin also said that: “on Board were at least three cadet with a fake controlled by the occupants of the educational institution “Kerch state Maritime technicolo of the University.” Strange maneuvers of the vessel before the incident, the lack of it for a month before the events of the markings and even numbers IMO, disabling the AIS and the strange actions of the team during the attempts to rescue the ship allow the specialists to assume that the holds the ill-fated ship was something interesting, but the actual fish”.

“Let me remind you that “Ivan golubets” in ownership of Ukrainian state companies and operated on “Latvian businessman of Ukrainian origin”. That is, as always, there is the classic conclusion of state resources to the left and his ruthless exploitation of the wear (original spelling – ed.), instead of privatization”, – he added.

At the end of his message, Boris Babin wrote that: “the exploitation of the fruitful cooperation of Ukrainian officials as controlled by the Russians of the Crimean “educational institutions” and the Russian Maritime register, RMRS (with the letters the acronym is easy to make and the FSB and SVR, and GRU) and extremely significantly not only to fisheries. And for the second day in Ukraine, except for regional and specialized publications, the almost complete information black out on the situation, the results of which in civilized countries would have already had a series of high-profile resignations, arrests and searches in different institutions.”

As a reminder, off the coast of Africa, probably lit up by the Ukrainian trawler.