Emilia Clarke talked about the indiscretion of their fans and gave some advice

Popular British actress who became known for her role daenerys Targaryen in the TV series “Game of thrones” reminded fans about the personal space of stars. She remembered an unfortunate incident that happened to her at the airport. The girl had to deny the fan in the photo, due to the occurrence of a panic attack.

33-year-old Emilia Clarke has undergone two operations to remove the aneurysm and struggled with the symptoms of the disease during the filming of the debut season of “Game of thrones”. The actress admitted that this phase of life was the most difficult, because she was praying that no one recognized her during treatment at a us clinic.

The star is still suffering from health problems. She recently spoke about the incident that happened with her at the airport. Because of moral and physical exhaustion she felt an anxiety attack. And in this moment fan, who recognized the actress, asked her about the photo.

I can’t breathe, I’m sorry
– tactfully replied the celebrity.

Emilia Clarke explained that everyone equally deserves respect. She noted that before turning to the idol, asking about the photo, you should make contact and at least to give his name. Because the stars also have the right to personal and strive not only to give their energy, but also receive it in return.

Recall that Emilia Clarke decided not to hide his diagnosis from the creators of “Game of thrones”. So after it adopted the role, a famous Briton told about the disease and its aggravation. However, this did not affect the decision of the producers, and the secret of Amelia decided not to tell the crew.