Emissaries of the Kremlin literally go and treat MPs – snakes on the situation in PACE

Эмиссары Кремля буквально ходят и обрабатывают депутатов, - Полозов о ситуации в ПАСЕ

January 24 in the French city of Strasbourg at the PACE session the first issue on the agenda listed the Ukrainian question regarding Russia’s aggression. In accordance with the result of the debate to adopt a resolution.

Requirements of Ukraine concerning the resolution of the following: restoration of free navigation, the condemnation of the building of the bridge across the Kerch Strait and the recognition of Russia captured Ukrainian sailors prisoners of war.

This was a live channel 24 said the coordinator of the defenders of the POWs Nikolai Polozov.

In PACE, despite the fact that the Russian delegation is not involved in plenary sessions, still the influence of a very strong Pro-Russian lobby. Deputies of different countries actually go and handle the emissaries of the Kremlin. I’m afraid the struggle for the adoption of this resolution will be very difficult,

– the lawyer noted.

And he added that the Ukrainian delegation made many efforts to just those statements that correctly describe the events in the Kerch Strait, and the legal status of prisoners of war, the Ukrainian sailors were saved. However, resistance from Moscow extremely powerful.

Consideration of the resolution should begin the morning of January 24, Ukrainians and allies are in full combat readiness. But the enemy, too. Meeting on the sidelines showed how difficult it is for Europeans to resist financial and political pressure that the Kremlin for a free Europe,

– said Nikolai Polozov.

What is the Council of Europe??It is an international organisation which includes 47 member States. Membership is open to all European States, if they accept the rule of law. The structure of the Council of Europe includes the Committee of Ministers, the parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe and the European court of human rights. One of the biggest achievements of the Council – Convention on the protection of human rights and fundamental freedoms 1950.

Эмиссары Кремля буквально ходят и обрабатывают депутатов, - Полозов о ситуации в ПАСЕ