Emit carcinogens: the most harmful kebab marinade

Выделяет канцерогены: назван самый вредный шашлычный маринад

Many Ukrainians in the summer I love to get out into nature or to the country, and fry in good company barbecue.

In cookbooks and on the Internet a huge number of recipes of kebabs with different marinades. But not all of them are safe, what is usually not the authors write. Nutritionist Irina Morozova told the Voice what it is very dangerous to marinate the meat.

“In recent years, even among his friends, I’m often confronted with the fact that skewers are marinated in mayonnaise – it’s hardly the worst option for those who have expensive health. When exposed to high temperatures, mayonnaise emit carcinogenic substances, not to mention what amount of fat is simply unacceptable,” said the doctor.

The doctor also does not recommend using vinegar in marinades – it negatively affects the digestive tract, and frequent use causes kidney disease. By the way, vinegar is quite a lot in a conventional store mayonnaise.

Nutritionists do not recommend to use in marinades and yogurt, which is believed, makes the meat soft.

“In combination with meat kefir prevents the absorption of iron and protein. Not only that you harm yourself grilled meat and heavy food, the body still is unable to withdraw from eating anything useful. Marinate meat I would advise in cumin, onions, greens and herbs. And, of course, I do not recommend anyone to buy marinated meat in the shops – not that it was of low quality and from an unknown manufacturer, and expiration date, as a rule, it expired “the day before yesterday”, she said.