Employees of Ford demanded to ban the production of machines for the police

Сотрудники Ford потребовали запретить выпуск машин для полиции

Interracial conflict in the United States and came to the auto industry: several employees of Ford motor company wrote the management a letter urging them to stop making cars for needs of police. It is reported by Jalopnik.

The group of employees with different color skin demanded an end to the longstanding cooperation of Ford with law enforcement. The corresponding letter addressed to the Director General Jim Hakkyu and Chairman of the Board bill Ford, circulates inside the headquarters of the Ford.

The reason was the wave of protests that swept across America after a police officer was killed by an African American, George Floyd. At detention the police arrived on the official car of Ford, and later the crackdown, the police often came to the cars of this concern, which is one of the biggest suppliers of special vehicles in the United States.

Jim Hackett responded by return letter, which categorically rejected the idea of cessation of production of transport for the police, saying that it would complicate her work and created a safety risk for police officers. The publication suggests that, in addition to virtually full possession of the “police market”, Ford clearly gets it some preferences from the authorities and definitely do not intend to refuse the government orders.

Ford Motor Company and US law enforcement agencies are cooperating since 1950. For a long time the main vehicle of the US police was legendary sedan Crown Victoria. Currently, the police service, in addition to the very widespread Ford Explorer, are model F-150, Expedition, Fusion and Transit.

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