Employees of the Audi plant began testing exoskeletons

Работники завода Audi начали тестировать экзоскелеты

Audi is currently testing two types of special costume, working on the principle of exoskeleton. This system of support was created in order to help the brand more effectively to cope with tasks of production. Innovative design is able to protect muscles and joints from rapid fatigue. The advantages of exoskeletons within a few weeks is experienced by about 60 specialists Audi. They work in Assembly and paint shops, as well as on primary production in Ingolstadt.

In practice test two exoskeletons – Paexo from Ottobock and Skelex 360 Skelex. Both devices are worn on the shoulders like a normal backpack, and attached around the hips with a special belt. They are able to reduce the load on the shoulders without motorized drive – only mechanical.

Audi already has experience with exoskeletons. German automaker regularly tests various systems in their pilot projects.

Работники завода Audi начали тестировать экзоскелеты