“Ending Friske?”: Lie doctors the Yulia Nachalova can deprive the singer of life experts

«Кончит как Фриске?»: Ложь врачей Юлии Началовой может лишить певицу жизни - эксперты

Like Jeanne, Nachalova may be suffering from a terminal disease, developed on the background of diabetes, but the official representatives are trying to hide what is happening.

For a long time, Yulia Nachalova struggling with diagnosed her with gout and diabetes, which, she said in a recent interview, she was in great pain and anguish. According to her loved ones, the gout began Nachalovo because of a failed plastic surgery of the breast, and then was seriously launched. But complications from it are not followed.

After some time, Yulia Nachalova disappeared out of sight, skipping the next shooting, and across the network there were rumors that something happened. However, the official representative of the singer Anna Isaeva, said that Julia has a rest in Rome. Not keeping the pressure of anxious fans, a few days ago Julia said that Nachalova went to Rome, for treatment of complications from gout, and a few hours ago it turned out that the young girl lies in an induced coma connected to a ventilator (artificial lung ventilation). It is also known that the girl’s organs are failing. Unconfirmed diagnosis, as reported by the media – infection of the blood.

Many try to hide from the media, but the grieving parents confirm information about the serious condition of his daughter, but talking about a coma, never mentioned “artificial”. It is possible that the state of Nachalovo much worse than reported Isayeva.

According to medical experts, the reason for this degradation can be a malignant tumor that has developed on the basis of gout and diabetes, and a relentless desire to continue “beauty shots”, which, according to some doctors, “ruined” tragically deceased Jeanne Friske.

Also, the situation in Frisco and Nachalovo very similar, due to the fact that their condition for a long time concealed, and which, perhaps, the lack of proper medical care. The same Kobzon announced his diagnosis almost as soon as I heard about the terrible burden, and in addition to aid from state officials, he received huge support from fellow citizens. And in the case of Zhanna and Yulia, if the terrible conjecture proves true, the girls were not able to obtain any support or assistance.

Julia Nachalova was supported Dmitry Shepelev after the death of Jeanne, but seeing what had happened, “did she give up? Really wanted to end up like Frisco?”, – whispering excited fans.

According to messages of colleagues, for example, Dana Borisova, the cause of the serious condition could be the abuse of alcohol on the background of developing diabetes:

“I think she uses repeated his words from four years ago Borisova, – I see from afar”.

In any case, to avoid with a young girl, first, negligence of doctors, and now lies about her, could cost her not only health, but life, say medical experts.

«Кончит как Фриске?»: Ложь врачей Юлии Началовой может лишить певицу жизни - эксперты

«Кончит как Фриске?»: Ложь врачей Юлии Началовой может лишить певицу жизни - эксперты