Energy bridge “Ukraine-EU” will provide an opportunity to modernize the equipment of nuclear power plants and to increase production of electricity – “Energoatom”

Энергомост "Украина-ЕС" даст возможность модернизировать оборудование АЭС и увеличить производство электроэнергии, - "Энергоатом"

The implementation of the power bridge project “Ukraine – EU”, which involves the extension of the Burshtyn energy island by incorporating the power unit №2 Khmelnitsky nuclear power plant, substation 750/330 kV “Western Ukrainian” and interstate electric networks Khmelnitsky NPP – Rzeszow (Poland), will allow for plant modifications, including replacing obsolete equipment, to which the national Commission for regulation in energy and utilities (NKREKU) for many years does not provide a component of the tariff of the state company “Energoatom” (produces 50% of electricity in Ukraine), it is told in the press service of “Energoatom” in response to the request

“Rated power at the expense of modernization will be increased so that additional amounts of electricity compensate for the export of one nuclear unit (the project provides for separation from the United energy system of one of the blocks of Khmelnitsky nuclear power plant),” – said the press service of “Energoatom”, adding that the project implementation will allow to obtain the necessary investment in the construction of two nuclear power-million, which will be built “in a short time and at record low price (up to 5 billion euros/unit) while the world practice shows, the construction of such blocks is not less than 7 billion euros/unit”. Investments to upgrade networks and get “Ukrenergo”, which partially offsets the investment of state-owned companies, necessary for a full synchronization, stressed in the press service of “Energoatom”.

The modernization of power assets and the construction of power plants will be financed by investors who are partners of energy bridge project “Ukraine – EU” on the basis of public-private partnerships. As you know, the Commission, with the Ministry at the meeting on 9 August, has identified the winner of the competition to attract a private partner company (the only bidder) “Yukreyn power bridge company limited”. It was founded by a consortium of companies: American Westinghouse (supplier of fuel assemblies for Ukrainian nuclear power stations), EDF (European energy company, 87% owned by the state, France), Polish Polenergia International and the Hungarian company MVM.

A transmission line with a capacity of 750 kV, which links the Khmelnitsky nuclear power plant with the substation Widelka, located near the city of Rzeszow in Poland, has a length of 450 km was put into operation in 1985. Electricity exports to Poland, which involved a transmission line was carried out until 1991. In 1992, the supply stopped, which coincided with the technical separation of Eastern Europe from the Soviet Union and synchronize their power grids with European energy system. “From this time line, which at today’s prices would cost the country in excess of 500 million euros, remains disconnected and not in use. Experts of “Energoatom” were conducted pre-inspection (using satellite data) throughout the length of the line and found that it has no visible tears or damage. The necessary revision and repair of lines and facilities connecting it with the Khmelnytskyi NPP, since its use is intended only for the electricity generated at the NPP,” – said the press service of “Energoatom”, adding that the resumption and re-introduction of the line in operation to 18 months.

In response to the request it is said that to implement the power bridge project “Ukrenergo” should work on the resumption of the capacity and efficiency of operation of the three power lines, which are components of the energy bridge project: Khmelnytskyi NPP – substation Widely (Poland), Khmelnitsky NPP – substation (PS) “West” (Ukraine), and also PS “Western” – SS “Albertirsa” (Hungary) (she is in working condition, but is loaded only on 10%). Also in the area of responsibility of “Ukrenergo” is the disconnection of the substation “Western” from the Ukrainian United energy system and its connection to Burshtyn island, which is integrated into ENTSO-e (preliminary estimate of project cost – 8 million Euro). In turn, the “Energoatom” for the project should carry out the modernization of power unit №2 Khmelnitsky nuclear power plant and its connection to Burshtyn island (preliminary estimate of project cost 16 million euros), the provision of own needs of power unit №2 Khmelnitsky nuclear power plant when working on the power system ENTSO-e due to the rapid installation of unit transformer of unit 3 of the KNPP (the cost estimate is 31 million euros). Investment is being attracted from public and private partners of energy bridge project. “The actual amount of investments will be determined after a technical audit”, – said the press service of “Energoatom”.

According to the forecasts and assessments of market consultants, electricity prices in the EU in the next 20 years will grow an average of 1% per year in the range of 36-50 Euro/MW hour, the press service of the state concern: “given the current level of prices of electricity at nuclear power plants of Ukraine 16,3 euros per 1 MW hour, is obvious its competitiveness on the EU market, even if you increase its value on investment”.

Энергомост "Украина-ЕС" даст возможность модернизировать оборудование АЭС и увеличить производство электроэнергии, - "Энергоатом"