Engineers designed the printer to print on electronic paper

Инженеры разработали принтер для печати на электронной бумаге

Company E Ink Holdings has announced a technology JustPrintIt, which is designed for multiple printing on digital screens. As the paper for the special printer will use displays based on electronic ink and the document is not possible to forge.

Features printer. As reported on the official website of the company, e-paper ePaper is a compact digital display the size of a Bank card that does not contain smart electronics.

Using a special printer that supports JustPrintIt it is possible to repeatedly apply different image. The service life of the carrier is about 1 thousand cycles “print”.

Security. Unlike smartphones and tablets, digital recording cannot hack: update the image only by using original equipment, and electronic components or software, such a display does not contain.

How does the printer JustPrintIt – watch videos

In the future, the electronic paper printable can be used as documents for identification, transport or gift cards reusable.

The date of the official presentation. The novelty will present on the technological Touch Taiwan on August 28.

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