Engineers have created a high-speed robot the size of a cockroach

Инженеры создали скоростного робота размером с таракана

Engineers from Harvard continue to improve its miniature robot-cockroach HAMR. In the past they taught him to walk on water and climb walls. The new version, called HAMR-JR, with a length of 2.25 inches and a weight of only 0.3 grams is able to run, jump, carry heavy loads and has a high maneuverability.

Despite the very modest size HAMR-JR is able to perform complex actions, making it one of the most agile and nimble of robots in the industry. He is so fast that is capable of 1 second to make 14 tiny movements of their limbs.

When you create a HAMR-JR engineers aimed to find out whether they are able to use an already established production process to create robots of different scales, from very tiny to true giants, which would be useful in the industrial sector. To do this, the team developed a model that can predict such indicators of movement as the speed of running, leg strength and payload based on the target size. Based on this model it is possible to design systems with the required specifications. As a result, the experts did not have to radically change the design of previous robots to create a new one.

It is unclear in what areas the researchers plan to use their robots.

Инженеры создали скоростного робота размером с таракана