Engineers have created a quantum “material of darkness”

Researchers from the Massachusetts Institute of technology with support from IBM have created a t-shirt that makes the wearer invisible to normal cameras. At the same time, infrared sensors reacting to the heat, she did not cheat. A new type of quantum material, according to the developers, able to hide someone from this kind of surveillance systems.

The purpose of the material

The main objective of the invention is to mask the objective, hiding its thermal characteristics. Unusual coating developed by researchers at the University of Wisconsin at Madison, Harvard University, Purdue University, Massachusetts Institute of technology and Brookhaven national laboratory, reports

Once in the lens of an infrared camera can be deceiving the sensor, separating the object’s temperature from its heat “aura” that can make a subject invisible to surveillance systems.

Typically, when you heat or cool the material, electric resistance changes slowly. But for oxide Camarines resistance in an unusual way changes from an insulating to a conducting position, which retains its properties of thermal radiation is almost the same for a particular temperature range,
– the researchers report.

New material for masking:

According to scientists, in the future, they see the use of quantum material in the creation of new types of optics, and even improve the infrared cameras. It is expected that this coating will be used in the defense industry, hiding cars and planes from advanced observing systems.

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