Engineers have created a unique robot: “incredibly nimble”

Инженеры создали уникального робота: «невероятно юркий»

European and American experts teach the robot various movements

A group of engineers from Switzerland, Germany and the USA, trained the robot ANYmal walk, run and recover from falls using artificial intelligence algorithms, not manual algorithms-controllers.

A feature of the work also lies in the fact that the algorithm was trained during the simulation, and then learned the skill were transferred to the real robot, say the authors of the article in Science is Robotics. Engineers have already created many of the walking robots of different designs, including some that are quite sophisticated. For example, a well known robotics company Boston Dynamics, is able to stay on his feet after the attacks.

However, in addition to hardware component is not less important software. And here there is a clear problem – usually engineers need to develop algorithms of controllers based on the behavior of real animals walking or virtual models. This approach is time consuming and does not guarantee that the developers will find the optimal gait for an existing design.

There are works in which engineers used a neural network to control and at first pretended her behavior in the virtual world and then transferred in real, but they used robots with simple design.

A group of engineers under the leadership of Marco Hutter (Marco Hutter) from the Swiss higher technical school of Zurich used a similar approach, but applied it to a much more complicated construction of the robot ANYmal.

It has four legs, consisting of two segments. In total, the robot is equipped with 12 electric motors – three for each leg, two of which bend it, and one mounted at the bottom, rejects the entire leg laterally relative to the housing.

As previously reported, on sale robot companion Vector. This home robot companion is $ 250 (7 thousand UAH). Vector looks like WALL-E.

Anki Vector so tiny that can fit on the palm of your hand. He is always available and willing to help the user in finding information when ordering goods, control home smart appliances, and the like. In addition, the robot can just play or chat with the owner or take a photo, because the robot is equipped with HD camera.

It also comes with a gyroscope and sensors that allow it to respond to drop and touch. If this Vector had a unique language consisting of hundreds of synthesized sounds.

On the front side of the robot a screen, transmitting “emotions” of the machine.

By the way, for the development of the emotions the developers hired animators from Pixar and DreamWorks.

Инженеры создали уникального робота: «невероятно юркий»

Инженеры создали уникального робота: «невероятно юркий»