Engineers have developed safe type batteries

Modern batteries, which are used in smartphones and other gadgets, have many disadvantages – from fast degradation to the likelihood of a fire or even an explosion if damaged. Researchers at Deakin University (Australia) announced the creation of a prototype lithium-metal batteries, which differ in a number of promising properties.

The new battery uses a lithium metal anode can store 50% more energy than modern counterparts. In addition to his battery also has a liquid ionic electrolyte salt which is in liquid form at room temperature, giving a number of advantages, according to Gizmochina.

Features of the development

According to Professor Patrick Howlett, Director of the research center, ionic liquids are non-volatile and resistant to fire. Unlike traditional lithium-ion batteries, the proposed lithium metal cells better tolerate high temperatures and do not require bulky cooling systems. In theory, this allows for incredibly fast charge your batteries without fear of them overheating and possibility of fire.

The use of lithium metal electrodes in lithium metal batteries is not common in the battery industry, and therefore little is known about the best way to produce these elements on a practical level, for demonstrations,
– said one of the study’s authors.

Scientists say that their discovery is only a small step to the emergence of new batteries, but it should force the industry to pay attention to this technology.

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