England – Croatia: video goals, match review of the League of Nations

Англія - Хорватія: відео голів, огляд матчу Ліги націй

Top match of the League of Nations on Sunday, November 18, was the match between England and Croatia. The winner of the confrontation was won by the group, the losers were relegated to a lower division. In case of a draw at Wembley would have celebrated Spain, which would become the group winner.

England – Croatia 2:1
Goals: Lingard, 78, Kane, 85 Kramaric, 57

England in the first match and could have scored at least three times. The occasion time and again lavished sterling and Kane. Especially dangerous was the moment when for one attack shot both. First sterling escaped the offside trap (in General, he repeatedly ran away from the protection of the Croats), and the interception came out kalinić to head played outside the penalty area. The ball was picked up by Kane and fired a shot from outside the box is saved Dvai, head clearing the ball from the goal line. Another rebound from Kane, this time the goalkeeper made a save.

The stranger looks goal early in the second half, who scored Croatia. Kramarz received a pass in the penalty area, gathered around him many opponents (at the moment of impact in the penalty area were seven players in the England squad), and when it seemed that the time lost – punched and scored. Does benefit differ Dyer – the ball ricocheted off him and flew over the goalkeeper into the goal.

And the victory was celebrated by England. Lingard, who came on as a substitute in the 73rd minute, after five minutes equalized. After a throw out, the ball bounced to Kane – captain English in the fall trying to reach the ball, but only managed to push it past the goalkeeper. And just where was Lingard, and with a dozen centimeters ferried the ball into the goal.

And yet Kane scored a goal in this match. After filing with a penalty kick he threw the ball with his head, and he’s back in the fall managed to punch precisely in a gate corner.

England wins this match and the group in particular. Croatia after the defeat crashes to a lower division.

Match highlights of the match England – Croatia


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