England – Sweden all goals video and highlights match of the world Cup in 2018 – 24 Channel

Англія – Швеція: відео голів та моментів матчу Чемпіонату світу 2018 - 24 Канал

England and Sweden goals at the world Cup have started to score in the first half. The first was possible to vary the British.

Before this match the goalkeeper of Swedes Olsen missed only one match out of four from Germany in the second round. Particularly sensitive was the second goal of the Germans in the last minute of the match.

However, in the match against England Olsen has missed in the 30th minute. Although the error is not here. After a corner kick Maguire won the fight in the air from Forsberg and his head struck the ball, which flew into the bottom corner.

The second goal of the match on account of the Matter, alli. It was his first goal at this world Cup. He locked the shed with his head from Jesse Lingard, avoiding the offside trap.


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