Enough for all: Sony will double the initial edition of the PlayStation 5

Хватит всем: Sony удвоит стартовый тираж консолей PlayStation 5

Хватит всем: Sony удвоит стартовый тираж консолей PlayStation 5

Despite the mixed design of the PlayStation 5, it seems very intrigued gamers. According to Bloomberg, Sony has decided to double production next-generation consoles to meet the high demand.

First, the journalists with reference to its trusted sources said that before the end of 2020 Sony will manufacture 5 million consoles, the PlayStation 5, but now according to Bloomberg, Sony is going to double that number of consoles at the start of a new generation.

Can we trust these data

First information from Bloomberg almost converges to the portal Nikkei, which earlier said that the number PS5 will increase from six to nine million copies. Secondly it is worth mentioning that the debut edition PlayStation 4 was 7.5 million copies. So this seems quite true and most likely Sony will indeed take this step.

Mass production of the PlayStation 5 was launched in June. The sales start is planned for winter holidays 2020. The device will come in two variations — with a drive and without it.

In addition to the console itself, Sony will release a range of accessories for gamers that expand the game capabilities of the console:

  • PULSE wireless stereo headset 3D with support for 3D sound and dual microphones with noise cancelling function.
  • HD camera with dual lens 1080p streams.
  • MPC multimedia remote control with integrated microphone for easy navigation through films and streaming services.
  • DualSense charging station for convenient charging of two wireless controllers DualSense.

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