Enough is enough: Apple removed from the App Store app that turned the iPhone into an iPod

Rewound is the app for music player, which appeared in the App Store last week. It offered users a variety of skins player for iPhone style iPod Classic. However, Apple decided that the app is too good to copy the design of popular player.

In blog posts Rewound the author of the app said that Apple removed it because he copied the design of the iPod and collect money for Apple Music. The company believes that users could be confused Supplement with Apple products.

The blog author also notes that the application was fairly basic interface, which was similar to the Apple, and iPod classic shell was not pre-installed. (Users could download them after you have already installed the application.)

What the app looks like

Shell iPod look very similar to the classic Apple design.

By the way, the app has caused a considerable resonance among the interested users. Enthusiast developer even praised the former head of iPod at Apple, Tony Fadell.

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