Enriched by fury: Tyson is still paying catmenu that saved his

Обогатился на Фьюри: Тайсон до сих пор платит катмену, который спас его

Обогатился на Фьюри: Тайсон до сих пор платит катмену, который спас его

In September, 2019 Tyson fury spent one of his most challenging fights in his career. The Swede Otto Wallin was like no one close to defeat the strong British.

In the third round of the fight Vallino managed to attack the enemy, causing fury formed a cut over her right eyebrow. It is reported by the channel 24.

Cut into the face of Tyson is reminiscent of the damage to Vitali Klitschko in a legendary bout against Lennox Lewis.

And if Klitschko stopped, the fury is allowed to continue to fight. In the end, the British defended the victory the decision of judges.

From a technical defeat Tyson saved him a cut-man Jorge Capetillo, who worked with fury during the fight.

Who is a cut-man in Boxing?

Specialist, which prepares the body of the unit against injury in the ring, in order to give him the opportunity to continue the fight. Stop the bleeding, dissection and the like.

In an interview with Sky Sports, Capetillo said that Tyson continues to thank him.

In particular, during the pandemic COVID-19 undefeated boxer offered generous financial aid.

He still has gratitude. When he found out that we are quarantined due COVID-19, and my gym closed, he contacted me and asked, “Can I help you?”
said Capetillo.

He said that Tyson continues to take care of him and sent the money.

A cut-man told me that had to work in the corner of Jessie Vargas in new York on 14 March. But the fight was cancelled.

“I went back home with empty pockets. I was scared and didn’t know what to do next,” said Hoch.

On hearing this, Tyson fury has offered assistance catmenu.

“He heard that the battle Jessie was canceled. He asked me about my family, and that he could do for us. He said, “I’ll send your family some money, that you have all been good.” This unprecedented generosity to me and my family. He’s a lovely man, very simple. Found time to ask how we live during this crisis,” – said Capetillo.

Last fight Tyson fury held in February 2020. The Briton won the WBC title by defeating Deontay Wilder.

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