Enrique Iglesias has unveiled the, as he called daughter: parents chose a Slavic name

Wife of popular Spanish singer Enrique Iglesias Anna Kournikova in early February gave birth to his third child. A family that doesn’t like to advertise personal life, admitted that girls chose a Slavic name Masha. The contractor is happy supported the idea of a favorite, given its Russian origin.

Only in late January, the press was full of headlines about a possible pregnancy of Anna Kournikova, and in February the whole world to know about the new addition to the family. Later on the personal page in instagram Enrique Iglesias has released a touching footage, unveiling the first photos of her daughter. Now the parents decided to declassify the name of the girl edition “Tape.ru”.

As noted in the comments the artist, the initiative he confided to his wife, a Russian tennis player Anna Kournikova. She chose the youngest daughter of a Slavic name Masha. So, the star is eager to bring their descendants to different cultures.

The name for our daughter chose Anna, I really like it. With Anna I teach Russian language and can have some to talk to her. At home we speak a mixture of three languages: Spanish, Russian and English. I hope that our children will be fluent in all three and will have the opportunity to join different cultures,
– said Enrique Iglesias.

It should be noted that the wife’s pregnancy was for the singer as a complete surprise. Together they planned the addition to the family, but could not imagine that it would happen so quickly. It is worth noting that the couple brings together the twins Nicholas and Lucy, who was born just two years ago.

What is known about the relationship of Anna Kournikova and Enrique Iglesias?For almost 18 years, Enrique Iglesias and Anna Kournikova build relationships. The pair met on the set of one of the incendiary clips of the singer, where ex-tennis player has played the role of his lover. It happened in 2002 and since then Enrique and Anna always make the news media. The star that announced the break, then reappeared on the paparazzi. But everything changed in December 2017. Then Anna Kournikova gave birth to twins Nicholas and Lucy, who permanently United the stars. Happy Enrique Iglesias, who does not like excessive publicity, often publishes photos and videos with their kids, demonstrating the joy of raising offspring. Newborn Mary also will not remain without attention of a loving father, who decided to share their happiness with fans.