Entered Ukraine Turkish manufacturer of garbage media

В Украину зашел турецкий производитель мусоровозов - СМИ

At the exhibition “agro-2020” company AVM Truck&Bus Ukraine (previously known as DP “Avtomaz-Ukraine”) presented a garbage truck made in Turkey Karba, mounted on chassis MAZ-5340.

According to AUTO-Consulting, the new company intends to actively enter the market of utility vehicles and to offer a budget solution, but in excellent quality.

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According to the publication, the installation of garbage trucks on chassis MAZ is at the dealership AVM enterprises Truck&Bus Ukraine.

Presented at the exhibition garbage truck rear loading containers is focused on the local community. Although in the Arsenal of the Turkish producer Karba there are various versions.

Near Kiev the driver of the truck with the transshipment has written a record fine of 6,500 euros

In addition, AVM Truck&Bus Ukraine announced the imminent appearance in Ukraine and the Turkish truck manufacturer BMC.

The company noted that in Ukraine there is a market for equipment of Turkish production and the chassis for installation spetskuzovov Ukrainian production.

As for the garbage trucks Karba, AVM Truck&Bus Ukraine hopes to oust the already present on the Ukrainian market of producers and actively participate in tenders.