Enthusiast found in P. T. decapitated corpse of Lisa, which was cut from the game

Энтузиаст обнаружил в P.T. обезглавленный труп Лизы, который вырезали из игры

A couple of weeks ago “youtuber” lance MacDonald (Lance McDonald) hacked P. T., the interactive teaser for Silent Hills, and found that Lisa is always behind the player. This meticulous gamer did not stop and continued to pick open the game.

In a fresh video, McDonald talks about several features of the P. T. and the cut content. For example, on the wall in the hallway hangs a torn picture of Lisa, which under certain conditions later is on the floor. Behind the scenes photo drops really, the game just hides one model on the wall and places the other on the floor.

Likewise for the Ghost of Lisa, who at one point literally for a moment there near the front door. In fact, the female model does not disappear, but becomes invisible. Digging in the game files, MacDonald has made it so that Lisa did not disappear at all – can come close to it and carefully considered it from all sides.

During the Intro to the hero opened the door, behind which you can see someone’s silhouette. As found by McDonald, there is a hiding in anyone anyhow, but still the same Lisa.

As for cut content, the author of the video found the headless corpse of Lisa, which lies in the filled tub. Usually empty bath, and water in it or not, or it is filled halfway.