Enthusiast played Snake on Christmas tree garland using a Raspberry Pi

Энтузиаст сыграл в «Змейку» на елочной гирлянде с помощью Raspberry Pi

Christmas tree gamer may look different, but, perhaps, the best variant was invented by the engineer-Amateur Geordie MEP. At first glance, this festive garland is no different from the usual, but with the help of a mini-computer, he launched “Snake” right on Christmas (or should I say Christmas?) tree. Yes, the “Snake”.

To play the classic arcade game on such an unusual “platform”, the inventor used a miniature Raspberry Pi system. To her, he connected the tape with the LEDs via a special controller and a camera, the computer tracks the playing field. As the main controller he used the DualShock 4.

In a version of Mohs snake appears on a red garland, and apples replace the blue glowing balls. The inventor has recorded detailed instructions on assembling the Christmas arcade machine. In another movie he played in “TIC-TAC-toe” with two gamepads. Detailed instructions and everything needed to run the games can be found in the video description.