Enthusiasts moved the map from GTA: Vice City in GTA V and added a few missions

Энтузиасты перенесли карту из GTA: Vice City в GTA V и добавили несколько миссий

A team of enthusiasts from Vice Cry Team has published a new modification for GTA V. a Creature called Vice Cry Remastered and created to transfer maps Grand Theft Auto: Vice City in the fifth part of the franchise.

City Vice city appear in GTA V with a fully upgraded textures on all objects and characters. This is shown in the trailer, which is published by Vice Cry Team in honor of the release. The video shows the locations of daytime and nighttime metropolis, the prototype for which was Miami. The authors also included a video of different scenes involving the main character of GTA: Vice City, Tommy Vercetti, and the story missions, however, such opportunities Vice Cry Remastered does not provide. Enthusiasts have moved to the fifth part only on map as a Supplement, as well as implemented several individual jobs. Probably, the transfer of characters and stories have become exhausting for the team enthusiasts.

Download Vice Cry Remastered can be anyone from the site gta5-mods.com. You do not even have to register, just click the link at the top of the page.