Enthusiasts will be able to decouple the Half-Life: Alyx from VR-helmet, I’m sure the developer from Valve

Энтузиасты смогут отвязать Half-Life: Alyx от VR-шлема, уверен разработчик из Valve

Sooner or later the enthusiasts will fit Half-Life: Alyx for the standard screen and keyboard with mouse – in this no doubt the old-timer Valve’s Robin Walker (Robin Walker), but it is concerned with the question: as fans of the series will take a fan-made port?

In an interview with Polygon, the developer voiced the obvious thought that the traditional view of Alyx would not be as interesting as the official version for the virtual reality. According to him, the players see how much they had lost, but does not exclude that they may like and weaning VR game:

[Fan-made port] clearly demonstrate to people why we made the game in virtual reality. This is a very visual way to see all that we have created to navigate in VR. If people would play [in the modified version in the standard display] and say that it’s as good, it has many lessons to teach. I understand that he was wrong and we got so many [features], how much thought. But I like to learn about their mistakes.

Anyway, will the company continue Gabe Newell (Gabe Newell) its way into virtual reality – the question of the success of Alyx. Judging from the first numbers and the reviews, the shooter took a great start, especially among VR entertainment. And what will happen – only time will tell.

In any case, it seems that Valve is not going to postpone a new part of Half-Life on the back burner – according to the developers, it is unlikely that we will have to wait another 13 years.