Environmentalists: Tourists cause irreparable damage to penguin populations

A catastrophic reduction in the population of these Arctic birds are some reasons.

Экологи: Туристы наносят непоправимый ущерб популяции пингвинов

Scientists from the British Antarctic Survey for over 20 years, conducted a surveillance of life 10 penguin colonies on the island Goodie, which is a popular point of tourist route. However, only 6 of the 10 places of resettlement colonies of penguins were available to visit people. Ecologists have determined that in recent years the birth rate has fallen among these flightless birds: the number of pairs decreased by 25%, and the number of children fell by 60%.

Experts have named two major reasons for this situation. They believe that Arctic tourism is causing irreparable damage to the population of penguins. Uncontrolled visits to the habitat of these birds leads to rapid extinction of the subarctic fauna. Important in this aspect is global warming, which affects the fauna of the pole, mutations of living organisms and destruction of protected areas. The damage to food to the diet of the penguins deals commercial fishing and marine krill, which are the main food of polar flightless birds.

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