EOS, Ethereum and TRON dominated DApps in 2019

EOS, Эфириум и TRON доминировали среди DApps в 2019 году

8 Jan DappReview published a report with the analysis of the space of decentralized applications (DApp) for the year 2019. Report data suggests that only three of the blockchain treated of 98.65% of total transactions.

The decentralized aggregator apps DappReview summed up the main events in the ecosystem of decentralized applications in 2019. The total cost of the transaction totaled $23 billion, while for the year the resource added 1555 DApps – the total number has exceeded 4000.

However, the company notes that the number of users in the space of decentralized applications is lagging behind even when compared with one common centralized app.

In the past year, there have been important breakthroughs, in particular because of the emergence of decentralized Finance (DeFi) and essential tokens (NFT). Also blackany faced with serious challenges, particularly in the last quarter of 2019 EOS suffered from severe network congestion.

The dramatic fall in users EOS DApps

Although the platform of smart contracts has started the year well, having processed a transaction for $6.1 billion, in early November, she received a strong blow to its reputation and fundamental statistics. Airdrop EIDOS made the network almost unusable. He acted according to the mechanism of propagation of tokens between users who have sent any number of EOS in the smart contract. This has led to what some have created multiple accounts and rented additional resources to participate in airdrops – depriving all other applications from functioning.

However, network problems have had a direct impact on the number of active users DApps EOS plummeted and still are unable to recover.

Source: Report DappReview

Analysts argue that most of those users were bots that participate in online bidding.

Almost the only project that continued to operate normally, despite the pervasive threat of EIDOS, was the economic online MMO Prospectors. Its developers have taken care to provide its users with the necessary amount of CPU expense.

Source: Report DappReview

However, congestion had sad consequences, such as popular game EOS Knights, who decided not to use the platform for its future version. DappReview write:

“The blockchain, the game is still faced with the harsh reality, the loss of EIDOS, will last for 15 months, and overload in the core network EOS may not be neutralized in the short term. Users gradually leave the network and new users not.”

On the Ethereum applications are diverse, then how Tron attracts gambling DApps

As the first released smart contracts, Ethereum (ETH) includes a wide range of DApps. Last year was characterized by the rise DeFi, because there are few credit and derivative solutions based on starlaine DAI Maker (MKR) DAI.

The volume of transactions in the decentralized exchanges and financial solutions grew rapidly and covered almost the entire ecosystem of DApps.

Source: Report DappReview

However, the report noted that the value recorded in the DeFi remains low even in comparison with other financial instruments on the blockchain. Placement of Deposit is about five times greater – $6морд dollars. Compared to the world debt market, which is estimated at $250трлн, DeFi remains insignificant.

Tron (TRX) were the three leaders on volume of transactions, amounting to $4.4 billion, but gambling DApps accounted for more than 90% of the total – leading analysts characterize it as “Las Vegas on the blockchain”.

Founder of Tron Justin San (Justin Sun) took some steps to diversify its offerings, particularly the introduced iteration based on Tron for stabilin Tether (USDT), invested in Poloniex, Dlive and other platforms. But it was not enough to significantly affect usage statistics Tron over the last year.