Epic Games: 40 % of users of EGS there is no Steam. The company does not want to repeat the story of Metro: Exodus

Epic Games: 40 % пользователей EGS нет Steam. Компания не хочет повторять историю с Metro: Exodus

At the developer conference GDC 2019 Epic Games said that its platform has already registered more than 85 million people. According to surveys of the company in August 2018 and January 2019, 40 % of users of Epic Games Store is not installed Steam.

According to the survey, 68% of users shop Epic don’t use Steam regularly. However, it plays an important role in multiplatform Fortnite users EGS are more likely to play on consoles than Steam.

In the Epic Games Store was about 55 thousand content creators, supported by the 41 million players across all platforms.

Presentation Epic has also confirmed that CEO Tim Sweeney (Tim Sweeney) told PC Gamer in an interview yesterday – in EGS will be a serious selection system that does not allow to store low quality game.

Recall that the recent data on the number of people registered on Steam no. However, this January, the company Gabe Newell (Gabe Newell) announced 90 million active users. Epic on your record is silent.

In addition, during the session of questions and answers journalist for PC Gamer asked the leaders of Epic Games about whether they have to divert from other stores shortly before the release, as it was with Metro: Exodus, which also is a considerable number of players have time to pre-order on Steam.

The head of Epic Games Store Steve Allison (Steve Allison) immediately replied: “We don’t want to do that”. According to him, they negotiated with 4A Games for several months and the developers of the Exodus, like the Epic, understood the risks, but nevertheless decided to make a deal. However, Epic underestimated the possible anger of users, and therefore, says Allison, he doesn’t want other developers went through what I went through.

The leaders of the EGS also stated that Epic is not going all the time to sign contracts of exclusivity in the current scale. In the future the store or even refuse to from the big exclusives, or will greatly reduce their number.

Epic Games: 40 % пользователей EGS нет Steam. Компания не хочет повторять историю с Metro: Exodus