Epic Games filed a lawsuit against the “loquacious gamer”: the causes of the scandal

Epic Games подала иск в суд против "болтливого геймера": причины скандала

Company Epic Games decided to teach one of the users who was testing a new game Fortnite Chapter 2. The man sued and now he will have to pay for his talkativeness.

What happened? Recently Epic Games filed a lawsuit on Ronald Sykes, reports Polygon.

According to the company, Sykes tested Fortnite Chapter 2 in September, and then publish information about what they saw and played on social networks. In particular, he told his readers about the new map, boat and the ability to swim.

The cause of the claim. Since Ronald has signed a confidentiality agreement, the company feels the need to punish the gamer for “financial harm and spoiled the expectations of gamers”. Epic Games is sure: the whole point was the unpredictability of what is happening, the suspense, the not knowing what will happen with Fortnite.

The trailer for the game Fortnite Chapter 2 – watch the video

Now, Sykes will have to pay for their spoilers. A claim in full can be read on the newspaper’s website Polygon.

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