Epic Games Store gives Sherlock Holmes: Crimes and Punishments and Close to the Sun

Epic Games Store дарит Sherlock Holmes: Crimes and Punishments и Close to the Sun

The store Epic Games has begun the distribution of Sherlock Holmes: Crimes and Punishments and Close to the Sun. Pick up a freebie on the relevant pages of the service.

Crimes and Punishments , midway between the classic quests and interactive movies. The player has to lead the investigation, collecting clues and solving puzzles. It is very very archaic elements of adventure there – we’re the masters of the character, not clicks on the active points, plus the entire process is diluted by scenes and simple action scenes.

The creation of the Studio Frogwares was greeted warmly enough: the average score from critics – 76 out of 100, the reviews on Steam are very positive, our rating is “Amazing”. The authors of the review write that the crime is interesting and the game looks good and captures the spirit of XIX century England. Without flaws not done – the gameplay is constantly interrupted loading screens, the characters weren’t very bright, and still have the opinion that the game is too easy and holds the user’s hand.

Close to the Sun – “walking simulator” in the entourage of the alternative nineteenth century where Nikola Tesla (Nikola Tesla) built a Grand exploration ship “Helios”. The role of the journalist rose Archer you have to examine the premises “Helios”, trying to figure out what happened to the inhabitants of the ship. To life honey did not seem, sometimes the girl is forced to flee from the pursuer.

The reviewers adventure has not caused enthusiasm – Close to the Sun earned only 64 points on OpenCritic. The opinions of our authors are divided. Elman Huseynov was considered a mediocre game with fresh story and lousy gameplay. Kirill Voloshin also recognized that the script was crumpled up and boring, but said quality design locations and adjusted the sights.

Distribution of Sherlock Holmes: Crimes and Punishments and Close to the Sun will end on April 16. Next week you will be able to action Just Cause 4 and an interactive road movie Wheels of Aurelia.