“Epic” vulnerability: Epic Games Store ignored security threat to users

«Эпическая уязвимость»: Epic Games Store проигнорировала угрозу безопасности пользователей

Online service harshly criticized for using the same code with additional checks of users.

The problem has acquired special importance after the transfer of projects of Epic Games Store Steam. Users began to complain about the distribution of computer games, but the company ignored the threat to the safety of users. The fact that the introduction of a password during the check of Epic Games Store to e-mail users send the same password, even if the procedure several times in a row. According to the rules of the online service should provide different codes to avoid problems. However, in practice it turned out that the distribution of games casually refers to the security system.

The password is stored for half an hour. During that time the hackers for hacking email can take the code and use it for personal gain. Users repeatedly wrote complaints to the Epic Games Store, but the employees of the virtual service is not in a hurry to respond to the claims of the gamers. Users have called a breach in the security system of the online “epic” vulnerability. According to most gamers, 30 minutes is enough to cyberswindlers in order to receive the password.

Users claim that in the Epic Games Store neglect the words of the users. For example, one user reported staff on the account, but the response from them is not received. Periodically there are cases when to register in the virtual store becomes impossible, because the unknown is already used someone else’s email on this resource. It seems to understand what is happening no one is going, and users are left alone with their problems.