Epiphanius created his page in Instagram: “the fight against fake”

Епифаний создал свою страницу в Instagram: «борьба с фейком»

Metropolitan of Kiev and all Ukraine, Epiphanius created the official page in a popular social network Instagram

“Because unknown persons had registered in the social network Instagram falsified the website of the Primate of the Orthodox Church of Ukraine his Beatitude Epiphany, we think it advisable to create and regularly update the present website of the Metropolitan”, – stated in the message.

Representatives of the Kyiv metropolis indicated that social networks unknown to create fake pages of Epiphanius to spread misinformation.

“It’s clear that these pages create and administer for a purpose – at the right time to introduce misinformation into a society, and to do so allegedly on behalf of the head of the Church. You just need to unsubscribe from a fake account, which is administered by unknown”, – stressed in the Kiev Metropolitanate. In addition, the report pointed out the nickname of the official account of Epiphanius – @metropolitanepiphanius.

Earlier it was reported that the Mother of Bishop Epiphanius Faith Bogdanyuk first told about his youth and personal life.

Way of Metropolitan Epiphanios to the knowledge and acceptance of God – very heavy and padded them since childhood. The head of the PCU had to teach lessons at night, and he grew up without a father. And in the Church the first time he came with his grandmother, said “you Know. sa”. It is known that Faith Bogdanyuk raised three sons. The woman admits that when senior Sergey became a monk, she cried. Today in the house of the mother of Bishop Epiphanius villagers bring flowers, and she sill says that fame scares her.

“I’m a little worried,” says the woman. This is the first in her life interview. Faith Bogdanyuk 61 years, half of his life he worked on the farm. Now retired. She is a very humble home and invited another woman close to Metropolitan is his godmother Olga.

Епифаний создал свою страницу в Instagram: «борьба с фейком»

Епифаний создал свою страницу в Instagram: «борьба с фейком»