Epiphany: what should not be done with Holy water

Крещение Господне: что категорически нельзя делать со святой водой

Since the evening of the 18th of January begin to celebrate Epiphany in Ukraine, that is Epiphany eve.

The main ritual celebration – the blessing of the waters, that is, the consecration of water. Bless her, directly in the churches and in a special hole carved in the ice in the shape of a cross, the so – called Jordan.

When you can bless water in the Church

On Epiphany water in the churches begin to sanctify the evening of 18 January, that is, on Epiphany eve. In many churches the consecrated water to drink handed out after lunch on January 18. Baptized with water and in the morning on January 19.

Moreover, it is believed that the water in the Jordan sanctified it remains until the leave-taking of Theophany, that is the end of the celebration of the baptism of 2019, which will be held on January 27.

According to folk omens, any water, which in the night from 18 to 19 January got the lunar rays, is considered to be sanctified by the Heavens. So in the old days (and in many regions of Ukraine now) on this night, specially leave on a window sill in transparent containers pre-typed water.

In these fonts hold Epiphany bathing – before it ispovedovalis and communion in the Church.

Properties of Holy water

The consecrated water is considered medicinal: it strengthens faith and helps to cure diseases.

Water consecrated for Baptism, to be hallowed, then his house. Do it with the right hand clockwise. You should definitely start from the front door, making the sign of the cross every corner, and finish it well. Thus, people protect their house from evil forces and evil spirits.

Believers drink the Holy water every morning – a teaspoon and after prayers. It is assumed that in any case it is impossible to drink Holy water in a bad mood or with evil thoughts – so the water loses all its miraculous properties.