Erdogan does not understand the goals of Putin in Syria

Эрдоган не понимает целей Путина в Сирии

Turkey has bombed several facilities in the Syrian province of Idlib, said the President of the country Recep Tayyip Erdogan. At the same time subjected to massive bombardment and destroyed complexes for the production of chemical weapons, stocks of chemical weapons, air defense systems and runways, he said on Saturday, February 29, in Istanbul.

According to Erdogan, in total, destroyed over 300 military vehicles, including more than 90 tanks. In turn, the representative of the Turkish government announced that Turkish aircraft destroyed the complex for the production of chemical weapons was located 13 kilometers South of Aleppo. Confirmation from the Syrian side has not yet been reported.

Erdogan also said that he understands the intentions of Russia in the Syrian conflict. According to him, during a telephone talks with Russian President Vladimir Putin, he suggested Moscow not to interfere in the confrontation between Turkish forces in Idlib and the Syrian troops. He also asked Putin, what are the goals in Syria.

According to Erdogan, Turkey did not intend using the Syrian conflict to expand their territory. Ankara continues efforts to establish a 30-kilometer security zone along the Syrian border, he said.

The conflict between Turkey and Syria escalated on February 27 when the Israeli air strike in Iglinsky area of de-escalation killed 33 Turkish soldiers were killed, 32 were wounded. Ankara was blamed for the bombing of Damascus. Active support for the promotion of supporters of Syrian President Assad has Russia underline the Turkish authorities.

The Turkish military on the night of February 28, dealt with land and air strikes on the positions of Syrian government forces. In response to the incident an emergency meeting of the UN security Council immediately requested a number of countries, including USA, Germany, UK and France.