Erdogan said that trump may abandon plans on sanctions against Turkey

Эрдоган заявил, что Трамп может отказаться от планов о санкциях против Турции

The reason for the sanctions is Turkey purchase missile systems from Moscow

The US President Donald trump has the authority to waive sanctions on Turkey for the purchase of Russian air defense systems s-400. This was announced on Sunday by President Tayyip Erdogan, reports Belarus-Ukraine with reference to Reuters.

Erdogan said that trump needs to find a middle ground in the dispute. Erdogan’s comments were made two days after Turkey received the first shipment of the advanced Russian system components ABOUT the s-400, despite warnings from Washington that this step will trigger US sanctions.

Trump has expressed sympathy for Turkey’s position, when he met Erdogan at the G20 summit in Japan last month, saying that Ankara had bought the S-400 Moscow, because the previous US administration did not sell her Patriot missiles.

Erdogan said that Turkey still wants to buy the Patriot system in Washington, and both countries should strive to increase trade volume and to work on a “comprehensive defence cooperation”.