Ermak declared a large sum of cash

Ермак задекларировал крупную сумму наличности

In its Declaration the head of the Office of the President of Ukraine Andriy Yermak indicated 859 255 UAH of income in 2019 of entrepreneurship and the legal profession. The Declaration is available on the website of the National Agency for prevention of corruption.

The head of income statement of cash stored $347 thousand and €50 thousand hryvnia, He also has accounts at four banks, and pays the balance of chetyrehkantnomu the loan taken in 2006, Alfa-Bank.

In the Declaration of Ermak specified apartment in Kiev with an area of 107,8 m2, which he purchased in 2005 for 3,535 million.

To use the official August 2015, the Toyota Camry, the owner of which is specified Andrei Ershov.

March 11, 2020 Ermak purchased Mercedes-Benz S 350 d 4MATIC long, the 2019 release for 2.9 million, but the Declaration last year it is not reflected.

On 11 February, the head of the state Vladimir Zelensky was appointed head of the Office of the President, his assistant of Ermak. Five days later he filed his first Declaration.